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Moving Offices with Octovan Assurance

Quality transportation with professional teams.

Office Moving

To briefly describe our office moving service; it involves the transportation of various items found in an office, such as desks, appliances, and technological devices, to the desired location. Office relocation is a process that requires great care, as almost all the items in your working environment play an essential role in the flawless progress of your operations. Therefore, office moving services should be carried out meticulously with the assistance of professional teams. With Octovan's affordable prices and numerous advantages, you can easily handle your office moving process. Get a quote now for more information!

What Are the Office Moving Processes?

In office moving, the teams providing the relocation service should be made up of experienced and specialized individuals, just like in partial-item and home-to-home moving activities. This is because, as in other services, the most valuable items for a particular area are being transported in this service. As Octovan, we are aware of this situation, and we move your office equipment with teams that have at least 5 years of experience in the field and love their job. To get a professional office moving service, simply click on our "get a quote" button. With our easy-to-use interface, you can acquire our office moving service by choosing your moving day, the most suitable team, and rate for you, and enjoy the ease of moving.

Move with the Best Moving Team!

Among the items to be transported in your office, there may be many valuable items, such as files containing important information or essential technological devices. These items must be transported to your new office in the safest way possible. However, finding the most suitable company with the right criteria among dozens of companies can be a challenging process. At this point, Octovan comes to your rescue. At Octovan, every user who receives office moving, home-to-home moving, or partial-item moving services has the right to rate and review the service they receive. Based on these ratings, a satisfaction score is generated, and our next customers can easily find and choose the most suitable office moving team for themselves.

Office Moving Prices

With Octovan, it is now effortless to get price information for office moving or other moving services. Thanks to our easy and understandable interface, you can access multiple price options for your moving process in just a few steps and choose the one you prefer, securely moving your office with a fixed price guarantee. If you're not sure what preparations to make before moving your office, you can read our blog post to access detailed and clear information.

Office Transport Vehicle SizeCarrying DistancePrices for Transporting Part Goods
Mini Vehicle129 - 159 Per Km4-6 TL
Large Vehicle149 - 179 Per Km5-7 TL
Xlarge Vehicle169-199 Per Km6-8 TL

Who are our reliable transporters?

Professional transport teams that have made 30,000 successful transports.

Taşıma yetki belge kontrolü

We are checking the driver's license, SRC certificate, identity and transportation authorization documents of the applied transportation teams.

Araç Tipi ve Personel Yeterlilik Kontrolü

We are checking the vehicle status and crew qualifications of the transport team.

Yüksek Puan ve Referansa Sahip Nakliyeciler

The best teams are determined with the user score in each transport and the requests are forwarded to the high-rated and referenced teams.

The Easiest and Most Reliable Way to Transport from House to House

Moving to a new house is a difficult and exhausting task As Octovan, we work only with the most professional and reliable home-to-home transportation companies and provide the best service to our customers.

Those Who Are Not Included in the Service

Moving The Piano

In order not to break the chords when transporting the piano, it is necessary to move it in a balanced way under the supervision of piano specialists specifically.

Safe Moving

Safe moving transportation is a special transportation service and it is necessary to be informed before moving.

Elevator Service

If you need to move by an external elevator while moving to your home, information should be provided and modular elevator service should be purchased.

Those Who Recommend Octovan

Merve B.
UI/UX Designer

Octovan has been very helpful. I made my reservation 3 days before moving. I moved quickly without any problems,without changing the shipping prices. I recommend it to everyone.

Ali S.
Lawyer, Aksan Hukuk Bürosu

I moved my house with Octovan. I received very fast and especially very good service. By packing, they moved my belongings without damaging them. Thank you so much, Octovan.

Hakan T.
Business Development Director, Mastercard

Instead of talking to a lot of carriers and getting different prices to move my seat, I called from Octovan and they moved it without any problems. A life-saving solution for transporting piece items.

I Would Like To Get More Information

You can get answers to all kinds of questions from Frequently Asked Questions or by calling 0850 305 16 90 Octovan line.

Frequently Asked Questions

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