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What is Home Moving?

In a nutshell, Home moving service can be defined as the careful packing and transportation of items in a home, office, or any property to another property without damage. However, at Octovan, we understand that Home moving can be a stressful and serious situation for our customers. That's why we strive to provide the easiest and most reliable service possible, eliminating anything that could cause stress during the process. For instance, we offer an Item Insurance program. If you're worried about potential damage to your belongings during the move, take a deep breath and relax because Octovan's item insurance will put an end to that stress. If any damage occurs to your items during the move, we take full responsibility and cover the financial loss, saving our customers from difficult situations. You can benefit from this and other services during your Octovan Home moving experience.

How Can I Find a Professional Home Moving Company?

When you decide to move your home, you may start researching moving companies and come across hundreds or even thousands of them. However, the most important and challenging part is finding a reliable moving company. There are a few key points to pay attention to during this detailed and intensive research process. First, look at the customer reviews of the moving company you've found. Customer reviews are the most accurate reflection of the company. Trusting a company with many negative reviews would not be wise. Secondly, pay attention to whether the company you choose is professional. For example, check if the company has a website, and if they use branded vehicles for their moves. Paying attention to these details can help you make a more informed decision and avoid potential problems in the future. If you'd like, you can check out our content on How to Choose Among Home Moving Companies for more detailed information: How to Choose Among Home Moving Companies?

What Should Be Done Before Home Moving?

The preparations you need to make before a Home moving service depend on the additional packages you've chosen. If you haven't opted for any additional packages, you'll need to prepare and pack your small items for transportation. Our team will wrap and protect your larger items from damage. If you've chosen our packing service from the additional packages, the tasks before moving will be completely different. Our team will pack your small items in an organised and secure manner, making them ready for transport.

What are the Home Moving Processes?

Getting Home moving service with Octovan is easy and quick. First, you need to visit the Octovan website. After entering the site, click on the Get Price button to calculate the price of the moving service you'll receive. After calculating the price, you can schedule your appointment for the desired date and wait for the moving day stress-free.

What are Octovan's Moving Services?

As an Octovan moving platform, we offer a wide range of moving services, from Home moving to office relocation. If you're moving your office on the desired date, you can take advantage of our services such as office moving or partial item moving. For more detailed information about the type of moving service you need, you can visit the Octovan website.

What is Partial Moving?

One of the most popular moving services with Octovan is partial moving. Partial moving is the transportation of one or more items within or between cities. This service is popular because it's not as expensive as Home moving. If you have fewer items or want to move partial items such as a cabinet or carpet from your office to your home, you can opt for partial moving instead of Home moving and save money.

How Can I Pay for the Moving Service I Received from Octovan?

At Octovan, everything is designed for the customer's satisfaction, making it simple and fast. You won't have any difficulty scheduling an appointment or calculating the price of your moving service. Likewise, paying for the service you receive with Octovan is very easy. We offer two payment options to suit everyone. The first option is paying with a credit card. You can make a secure and quick payment through the credit card payment section that appears on the final screen when scheduling an appointment. If you don't use a credit card or prefer to pay in cash, you can choose the second option and make a cash payment to our team members on the moving day. For those seeking Home moving recommendations, Octovan always prioritises customer satisfaction.

Home Moving Prices

With Octovan, calculating the prices for Home moving or other moving services is very easy thanks to our Price module. We offer a fixed price module to provide all our customers with equal and up-to-date price information, so you can determine whether the moving service fits your budget and make a decision accordingly. First, you can calculate a price based on the number of rooms to be moved. If you want to benefit from additional packages such as packing service, chandelier installation service, or wall mounting package, the calculated price will increase. Otherwise, the calculated price will remain approximately the same. If you're curious about how to make the calculation in practice, you can visit the Octovan website, click on the Get Price button, and see more details on how to calculate the price.

With the Home moving price table we've prepared for you, you can organise your budget before moving and transition smoothly to your new home.

Vehicle SizeCarrying DistancePrices for Transporting Part Goods

Who are our reliable transporters?

+30.000 professional transportation teams who have made successful transportation.

Transport authorization document control

We are checking the driver's license, SRC certificate, identity and transportation authorization documents of the applied transportation teams.

Vehicle Type and Personnel Control

We are checking the vehicle status and crew qualifications of the transport team.

Shippers with High Scores and References

The best teams are determined with the user score in each transport and the requests are forwarded to the high-rated and referenced teams.

The Easiest Way to Transport From House to House

Moving to a new house is a difficult and exhausting task. As Octovan, we work only with the most professional and reliable home-to-home transportation companies and we provide the best service to our customers.

Those Who Are Not Included in the Service

Moving The Piano

In order not to break the chords when transporting the piano, it is necessary to move it in a balanced way under the supervision of piano specialists specifically.

Safe Transportation

Safe November transportation is a special transportation service and it is necessary to be informed before moving.

Elevator Service

If you need to move by an external elevator while moving to your home, information should be provided and modular elevator service should be purchased.

Those Who Recommend Octovan

Merve B.
UI/UX Designer

Octovan has been very helpful. I made my reservation 3 days before moving. I moved quickly without any problems,without changing the shipping prices. I recommend it to everyone.

Ali S.
Business Development Director, Mastercard

Instead of talking to a lot of carriers and getting different prices to move my seat, I called from Octovan and they moved it without any problems. A life-saving solution for transporting piece items.

Hakan T.
Business Development Director, Mastercard

Instead of talking to a lot of carriers and getting different prices to move my seat, I called from Octovan and they moved it without any problems. A life-saving solution for transporting piece items.

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